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I'm a half competent developer, have rudimentary soldering skills and only occasionally have to go to the hospital when I work with power tools. With the full might of those credentials, I regularly jump into a wide array of seemingly useless, or irrational projects.

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I watch a lot of YouTube. Too much YouTube, in fact. But I don't like Google and refuse to create a YouTube account. In order to not watch every video that pops up on my home page, I need a Subscription list that I don't have. Well, didn't have. DIY ensued and now I'm ready to present Mojotube! Read More...


This Website - Mega Thread

You are viewing a site that took many hours of work and which has been through a number of iterations. Almost none of that time has actually been spent on content, so find out what it was spent doing. Read More...

Past Projects: Commandline 2048 Game

Having not done much interesting lately, here's a clone of the popular mobile game that I wrote in C. Read More...


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